• I am somebody
    I am happy ,
    I am beautiful
    Every day in every way,
    I am getting better.

  • Respect me because
    I am somebody.
    I will always believe in myself,
    my parents, and my teachers.

  • I pledge to honor my school
    and my classmates
    by working hard everyday.

Riverhead Charter School is a public school of choice, with no tuition, serving families of Kindergarten through Eighth grade students on Eastern Long Island. We offer a private school environment in a public school setting.

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What Our School Offers

A Longer School Day
Enrichment Classes
80 Minutes of Reading
80 Minutes of Math
ESL Classes
Highly Certified Teachers
Transportation Available

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Dear RCS families,
The link to survey below is to gather information from our parents/guardians in regards to their children having the capability to gain access to the distance learning technology./Esta encuesta es para recopilar información de nuestros padres / tutores con respecto a que sus hijos tengan la capacidad de obtener acceso a la tecnología de aprendizaje a distancia.
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